Apparel Design

We design the styles considering the trends and customers needs. We work with the global fabric and trim suppliers to offer the best for our customers. Retail is detail so we pay a careful attention each detail from design to shipment. 


Global Sourcing

We have a library that is regularly updated with recent fabric and trims. We have a long term partnership with many global fabric and trim suppliers.  



We first check the quality tests and risk assessments results. If all is passing the requirements, we start production by mutual agreement with customers. We follow the critical path and update the customer at the every stage. 


Customer Service

We are here to help. We believe the power of prevention is better than cure. However we work result oriented in case of any problem. 

We Offer The Best Services

Each customer is unique. We offer individually designed work according to customer needs. We believe the power of know-how. We share all with our customers to learn and grow together. 

Successful Years in Fashion
Beautiful Styles
All Natural Fabrics

How It Works

After the initial meeting, we research what you need exactly for fabric, trim and design. We prepare the design pack together with some samples. 

We have a great variety of fabrics at our library that is updated regularly.  We follow the trend, innovation, technology and share with the customers.  


We offer fabric and trim packs according to customer needs.  


We do market research and analysis. We support new business.


We offer design and development services. 


We offer logistical support with a clear communication at every stage